After Workout Recovery Drink Review: Coconut Water

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When you workout, you need to be mindful of proper recovery. 

Read on to learn more about coconut water, an excellent after workout recovery drink.

  • What’s Good About Coconut Water?
  • What’s Bad About Coconut Water?
  • How is PHENOM Coconut Water Different?

What’s Good About Coconut Water?
For thousands of years, coconut water has been enjoyed by people in countries where coconuts grow naturally. Yet, for Americans, this all natural beverage is relatively new, and many people aren’t aware of the health benefits this beverage is revered for.

Some of these coconut water health benefit highlights include:

Electrolyte Content
Coconut water is incredibly rich in electrolytes, especially potassium. Electrolytes are essential to almost every function in your body, especially proper functionality of your heart, nerves, and muscles.

When you sweat, your body loses important electrolytes, in particular potassium and sodium. In order to replenish your body and properly rehydrate, you should drink electrolyte-rich beverages. Because coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes, it makes an excellent after workout recovery drink.

Vitamin Content
Coconut water is rich in vitamin C and B vitamins. Vitamin C promotes a healthy immune system as well as heart and eye health.

B vitamins are important to your metabolism and digestive system. B vitamins help to turn ingested foods and drinks into usable energy and also promote mental health and help to regulate your mood. 

All Natural
After a hard workout, the last things you want to put in your body are harmful toxins found in processed foods.

Coconut water, unlike most other additive-rich drinks available on the market today, is an all natural beverage. Coconut water contains zero additives and preservatives, and comes to you directly from its source: a young, green coconut.

Coconut water is also sweetened by natural fruit sugars, making it fat-free and low in calories (just 46 per serving).

What’s Bad About Coconut Water? 
The #1 reason people don’t try coconut water is the belief that it will taste like coconut. However, coconut water, unlike coconut milk, doesn’t taste much like coconut at all. Instead, the flavor is mildly sweet with a touch of tart.

Yet, even after giving coconut water a try, for some people the natural taste of coconut water is just not for them.

If you are someone who can’t stand the coconut water taste but still want to reap the benefits coconut water offers, there are solutions for you. For starters, you can try mixing coconut water with other natural juices or create a healthy smoothie using coconut water.

If that still doesn’t make coconut water’s taste work for you, you can give a flavored coconut water product a try. Read on to learn more.

How is PHENOM Coconut Water Different?
PHENOM Coconut Water offers a variety of flavors with added benefits, so you can find the coconut water that suits your taste buds best.

Developed jointly by GNC and PepsiCo. PHENOM Coconut Water is available in 7 refreshing varieties, including:

  • HYDRO, an unflavored 100% natural coconut water enhanced with an electrolyte boost that promotes rapid hydration.
  • MEGA V, a 100% natural coconut water beverage fortified with premium vitamins and minerals to support health and well-being, including 100% of the RDA of Vitamin C plus Calcium, Vitamin B, and more. MEGA V is also available in 3 flavor variants - Unflavored, Orange Guava Passion, and Pineapple Punch.
  • ANTIOX, a 100% natural coconut water beverage boosted with antioxidants to help protect against cell damage, and fortified with premium vitamins and minerals to support health and well-being, including 150% of the RDA of Vitamin C plus Calcium, Vitamin B, and more. ANTIOX is available in Blueberry Pomme flavor.
  • ENERGY, a 100% natural coconut water beverage enhanced with B vitamins for energy production and caffeine and other energizing ingredients to boost physical energy metabolism. ENERGY is fortified with premium ingredients to support health and well-being, including 100% of the RDA of Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, and Niacin plus Calcium, Vitamin E, and more. ENERGY is available in 2 flavors - Acai Peach and Lemon Mojito.

And just like traditional, naturally flavored coconut water, PHENOM Coconut Water products contain no artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugars, are low in calories, and contain zero cholesterol.

Why do you drink coconut water for an after workout recovery? Comment below.

12 Responses to “After Workout Recovery Drink Review: Coconut Water”

  1. Jackie Willoughby says:

    I try to hit the gym in the early morning so it helps me to get my day started rather than sit around & not accomplish anything. So having a drink that is nutritious & can give you an added boost of energy is very important to me. Has anyone tried these & can you tell me anything about are they in the sparkling water catagory or not?? Thanks :) :):)

  2. Katie says:

    My husband is in training for an Ironman and has been using coconut water as a recovery drink and has had little to no cramping! He is excited to try this brand! He doesn’t even like coconut and he loves the water!!

  3. dawn says:

    I can’t wait to try this product

  4. dawn says:

    I have an intense workout program and when I am done I live re replentish my electrolytes

  5. mike milisivana says:

    After a hard work out, the body needs to be properly replenished. Regular just does not do it! Coconut water has all the ingredients needed to get your body to respond correctly after a work out. Between the taste and Vitamins, it’s the perfect drink to have after working out.

  6. Lori Watson says:

    I just started Zumba and I would like to try this product mostly because I’ve never had coconut milk. With the amount of sweat I get after an hour of Zumba water just leaves me wanting more. I really like the idea of getting my vitamins and Hydro sounds like the best bet for me.

  7. Paula Romanik says:

    I workout daily and have been using protein shakes water and energy drinks… I really had not heard about this product until today. I was watching a wellness show this am and it was talking about all the benefits of coconut. I was surprised at all of the information here…

  8. Karen says:

    I have just joined a gym & started a weight program..I am so excited to try Phenom.All the girls at the Gym say it’s the best for recovery after a hard workout..Thanks for the offer!!

  9. D Willis says:

    Just made my monthly stop at GNC and bought the Phenom to try as my post-workout recovery drink. I’m going to use the Pure mixed with my protein and see how that works.

  10. Kate says:

    The water is life changing. Great for working out…

  11. Venus says:

    Would love to try Coconut milk after my workout because although I know water is good for me I sometimes would love to have somethink with more flavor.

  12. Margie says:

    I have a hard time usually deciding if the benefits from sports drinks are worth the extra calories. I usually opt for Crystal Lite, although it would be refreshing to try coconut water, perhaps as a more nutritious replacement. Thanks!

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