Where does PHENOM™ coconut water come from?

PHENOM™ coconut water is found in the cavity you see when you crack a young, green coconut open.  As a coconut matures, the white flesh absorbs and replaces coconut water, which is also absorbed into the air.  Therefore, coconut water must be found in young, green coconuts which are generally still attached to the tree.

How do you say PHENOM™?
PHENOM™ is pronounced fee-nom.

How is coconut water different from coconut milk or cream?
The difference is in the source.  While coconut water comes from the liquid in young, green coconuts, coconut milk and cream comes from the meaty flesh of mature coconuts. Coconut milk is made by boiling equal amounts of water and shredded coconut together until foamy, then straining, while coconut cream is made in a similar fashion but with a slightly higher shredded coconut to water ratio.

Does PHENOM™ coconut water taste like coconut?
No.  The #1 reason consumers are reluctant to try coconut water is the belief that it will taste like coconut.  In actuality, coconut water doesn’t taste like coconut at all, rather it has a refreshing, mildly sweet flavor.  Unflavored PHENOM™ coconut water is a clear liquid with what some describe as a nut-flavor.

Still worried about the taste?  The flavor experts at PepsiCo have come up with delicious, natural flavors that are part of the PHENOM™ coconut water line.  Flavors include Pineapple Punch, Lemon Mojito, Orange Guava Passion, and others.  Each variety is formulated with 100% natural coconut water.

How is PHENOM™ coconut water different?
PHENOM™ is made from 100% natural coconut water, contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or added sugars, is low in calories, and contains zero cholesterol.  What really sets it apart is that it is infused with GNC vitamins and minerals to make this great drink even better.

What electrolytes are in PHENOM™ coconut water?
PHENOM™ is naturally formulated with just the right amount of electrolytes a dehydrated body needs.  It contains Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphate, and more Potassium than a banana.

When would I need PHENOM™ coconut water?
PHENOM™ coconut water is a great way to support hydration.  Dehydration and loss of electrolytes occurs at every stage of your life, including:

  • When you’re sick
  • When you take medication
  • After you exercise
  • After alcohol consumption
  • From heat
  • During pregnancy
  • As you age

Does PHENOM™ coconut water contain added sugar?
No.  There is no sugar added to any PHENOM™ product, so the content of natural sugars remains low.

What sizes of PHENOM™ are available?
PHENOM™ comes in a 12 Pack of 16.9 Fl Oz or a 6 Pack of 1-Liter containers.

Are there different varieties of PHENOM™ coconut water?
Yes, there are 7 different varieties in 4 distinct families to be tailored to your unique needs.  The 6 flavor options include:

  • Unflavored
  • Orange Guava Passion
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Blueberry Pomme
  • Acai Peach
  • Lemon Mojito

Where can I buy PHENOM™ coconut water?
PHENOM™ Coconut Water products can be quickly and easily purchased online at, or you can also pick up PHENOM at any GNC store.