How Coconut Water Benefits Active Kids

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Coconut water is an isotonic, super hydrating beverage, which means it’s packed with essential electrolytes and vitamins. Coconut water benefits kids. 

Choosy moms choose coconut water; read on to find out why.

  • Vitamins and Minerals and Electrolytes, Oh My!
  • Say “No” to Sugar-ade
  • “More Coconut Water, Please!” PHENOM’s Kid-Friendly Flavors

Vitamins and Minerals and Electrolytes, Oh My!
The major difference between coconut water and sports drinks, sodas, or water is that coconut water is naturally packed with minerals and electrolytes. These minerals and electrolytes are critical for growth and healthy production.

The following lists some key minerals and electrolytes found in coconut water.

Potassium promotes muscular growth and strength and heart and kidney health while increasing metabolism and reducing stress.

Manganese promotes healthy bone development and growth. This mineral is especially beneficial for active, growing kids.

Calcium, like Manganese, promotes healthy bone development and growth. Calcium intake is particularly important during childhood and adolescence since that is when our bones increase most in size and mass.

Iron plays a critical role in transporting oxygen to our cells and developing muscle protein and strength.

Coconut water also includes Vitamin A, which promotes retinal health, and Vitamin C, which boosts immunity.

That said, coconut water benefits kids in lots of other ways, too. Read on to learn more.

Say “No” to Sugar-ade
One of these alternatives is coconut water. Coconut water is:

  • All natural
  • Fat-free
  • Low in calories (about 60 per serving)
  • Naturally sweetened (no High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • Additive-free
  • Cholesterol-free

In addition to these coconut water benefits, coconut water also promotes healthy skin and hair (what soft drink can say that?), calms upset stomachs, acts as a natural diuretic, and contains essential dietary fiber.

“More Coconut Water, Please!” PHENOM’s Kid-Friendly Flavors
Some say coconut water is an acquired taste, but that’s all in the mouth of the beholder. Kids can be particularly picky about food, so PHENOM Coconut Water offers many alternatives to the original flavor, so you and your kids can find the one that suits your taste buds best.

The following list outlines some of the PHENOM Coconut Water benefits and varieties.

Hydro is enhanced with five essential electrolytes to promote rapid hydration for a perfect balance. It contains 17 times more potassium than the leading super hydration drinks. Hydro is available in Pure, the original flavor.

Mega V
Mega V is fortified with additional premium vitamins and minerals to support health and well-being, including 100% of the RDA of vitamin C, plus calcium, vitamin B and more. Mega V is available in Pure, Pineapple Punch and Orange Guava Passion.

Antiox offers the hydration benefits of coconut water boosted with antioxidants for protection against cell damaging free radicals. Rich in premium vitamins and minerals, Antiox is available in Blueberry Pomme.

How do your kids benefit from coconut water? Tell us below!

6 Responses to “How Coconut Water Benefits Active Kids”

  1. RAB says:

    Should daily quantity be limited like regular juices?

  2. Kristin Martin says:

    I am glad I read this article about coconut water and kids. I didn’t realize how beneficial it could be for them. I have a VERY active 6 year old “tom boy”. I think this would be a great addition to her diet. It’s tough to get her to drink enough plain water. This is definitely something worth trying for my family.

  3. leann says:

    I thought that choosy moms chose Jiff. I guess this choosy mom is going to have to try Phenom. My 5 & 8 year olds are very active and love drinking juice, but dislike drinking plain water. I am very curious to have them try Phenom. It sounds way better than juice drinks. We will have to give it a try!

  4. Carolyn Alicea says:

    After reading this article and seeing the benefits that Coconut Water can provide to my children, it makes me happy that I can give them something much more healthier than a bottle of electrolytes full of sugar. My kids are active and always drinking water. I can now substitute sugary drinks with Coconut Water to better nourish their life styes.

  5. Lisa says:

    My son loves coconut water. He is 5 years old and is very active in martial arts so we make sure he stays hydrated during his workouts.

  6. Tameron says:

    I have three boys who are all involved in sports, myself and dh also workout on a regular basis. After reading about Phenom I’d really like to give it a try. I think it could benefit all of us. If the price is right and it tastes good, then we will definitely switch to Phenom from our regular sports drink.

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