What is the Best Coconut Water for Me?

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Coconut Water is a naturally isotonic beverage that hydrates and revitalizes your body with essential electrolytes and vitamins. People have enjoyed the benefits of coconut water for thousands of years, and now PHENOM™ Coconut Water has created even more ways to enjoy it.

PHENOM™ Coconut Water contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugars, is low in calories, and contains zero cholesterol. PHENOM™ is also infused with GNC power to make this great drink even better.

Read on to learn more about the many faces of PHENOM™ Coconut Water products, and find out which one suits your needs best.

  • PHENOM™ Hydro
  • PHENOM™ Mega V
  • PHENOM™ Energy
  • PHENOM™ Antiox

Hydro offers 100% natural coconut water enhanced with five essential electrolytes to promote rapid hydration for a perfect balance. Hydro contains 17 times more potassium than the leading super hydration drinks.

PHENOM™ Hydro flavors include:

  • Pure, natural coconut

If you’re looking for a simple way to rehydrate during or after a workout, and aren’t intimidated by the natural coconut flavor, then Hydro may be the best coconut water for you. The essential electrolytes will replenish your body while the large amount of potassium will help keep your muscles from cramping.

PHENOM™ Mega V offers 100% electrolyte-rich coconut water fortified with additional premium vitamins and minerals to support health and well-being, including 100% of the RDA of vitamin C, plus calcium, vitamin B, and more.

PHENOM™ Mega V flavors include:

  • Pure, natural coconut
  • Pineapple Punch
  • Orange Guava Passion

Vitamin C promotes the immune system while vitamin B increases metabolism, maintains healthy skin and hair, and promotes cell growth.

The variety of Mega V flavors may also be appealing to you if you aren’t particularly fond of the natural coconut taste.

PHENOM™ Energy
PHENOM™ Energy is enhanced with B vitamins to support energy production, plus caffeine and other energizing ingredients to boost metabolism. Packed with vital vitamins and minerals to support health and well-being, including 100% of the RDA of vitamin C, vitamin B-12 and Niacin, plus calcium, vitamin E, and more.

PHENOM™ Energy flavors include:

  • Lemon Mojito
  • Acai Peach

Groggy after a long night? Energy Coconut Water may just be the pick-me-up for you.  Most importantly, it will wake you up naturally, unlike sugary energy drinks.

PHENOM™ Antiox
PHENOM™ Antiox contains the hydration benefits of coconut water boosted with antioxidants for protection against cell damaging free radicals. Rich in premium vitamins and minerals, Antiox includes 150% of the RDA of vitamin C, plus calcium, vitamin B, and more.

PHENOM™ Antiox flavors include:

  • Blueberry Pomme

What’s your favorite PHENOM™ Coconut Water? Comment below!

341 Responses to “What is the Best Coconut Water for Me?”

  1. Coconut Smasher says:

    Hydro and Antiox are the most intriguing to me. I don’t like to drink things with too many additives. I wonder how these are sweetened…

  2. Coconut Smasher says:

    Just looked it up-Hydro does not look like it has any sweeteners. Energy, Antiox, and Mega V have stevia extract.

  3. rolo says:

    Orange Guava Passion sounds delicious.

  4. rolo says:

    also diet friendly

  5. denise says:

    Healthy drink

  6. huiyen huang says:

    I would love to try all of them, but if I have to make a choice, I would say Lemon Mojito sounds good for me. ^_^

  7. reshma says:

    i would love to try this!!

  8. Suzanne C. says:

    Pineapple Punch sounds like a great flavor! I’d love to try one!

  9. Van says:

    What a great idea, energy Coconut water. :)

  10. Michele Powell says:

    Looks like Hydro for me!! Artificial sweeteners make me ill….

  11. vicky says:

    this is good..thanks..

  12. Sandi says:

    I have fibromyalgia so i am ALWAYS lacking in the energy department! So I think Phenom Energy will be good for me! All of the added vitamins would be really good for me to since I am deficient in most of them! Plus Acai Peach sounds delicious! Has anyone tried Phenom Energy yet?

  13. Daniel says:

    Hydro is the best! I need as much electrolytes as possible since I am an athlete!

  14. Brandy says:

    With this country having such a huge problem with obesity this is a perfect alternative to milk! Coconut has been proven to help with weight loss so I would love to have this in my daily diet! Jillian Michaels has been raving about the benefits of coconut milk as well!

  15. Lindsey says:

    I have never tried coconut water. It may be helpful to try to get rid of my baby fat!

  16. rose says:

    the energy coconut water sounds right up my alley! around mid day (3pm ish) im ready to take a nap. i think most of these flavors sound worth a try too. i love coconut water in general but an extra pick me up ill take any day

  17. candice says:

    I have not yet tried this brand but I do know a bit about the pros of drinking coconut water. I mean, if immediately I feel rejuvinated by drinking it, it has to be good for you!!!

  18. harmony says:

    Are there going to be any other flavors besides the two specified above?

  19. melissa says:

    I have tried coconut water once before. I liked the hydrating capability and the high potassium. The brand I tried tasted very salty to me. I’m interested to see if this tastes less like Gatorade.

  20. Brooke says:

    Is it diabetic friendly? If so I would want hydro.

  21. Amy says:

    I haven’t tried this brand yet. I wonder how it compares to Vita Coco.

  22. Amanda says:

    Would love to try the Phenom Energy. I have Fibromyalgia and need all the energy boosting I can get. It is hard to find something that is not full of stuff that is really counter active for what you are trying to help. This sounds perfect!

  23. Emily Green says:

    Phenom sounds amazing! I’ve been looking for an energy drink without all the stuff that’s bad for you! I would love to try it out, I love coconut!!

  24. Helena says:

    I am so excited to try Phenom. Coconut water is great to prevent charlie horses — more potassium than bananas!

  25. Melanie Reed says:

    This is a pretty cool deal!

  26. Simon says:

    I would have never guessed of making a coconut drink with electrolytes into an energy drink. This sounds PHENOMenal!!!

  27. amber blevins says:

    I think the PHENOM mega V Orange Guava passion sounds amazing!!!!! I have a heart condition i take a beta blocker twice daily for…drains my energy so the B-12 is an amazing additive to improve my energy since i cant consume caffiene. I also live in florida so id love to find something to help keep me hydrated in the hot summer months =)

  28. bruce says:

    I wrestle as a hobby a couple times a week so id love to find a product to help with hydration. the varieties of your products seem to fit many needs whether you need more vitamin intake or just an energy boost.

  29. Raj says:

    I really like this product as a healthy drink with Vitamins, Its really good to have this coconut water in this hot summer.

  30. Wilma says:

    So many flavors to choose from. I would love to try them all.

  31. Bala says:

    Ultimately the regular coconut water from tree is best, but as it is hard get those everywhere, hoping the PHENOM coconut water will be an alternate with same natural contents. Let me try if these guys give me a chance.

  32. mil says:

    I am so glad that another beneficial drink has arrived on the scene! I can’t wait to try this :)

  33. Loc Phan says:

    Taste great with less sugar than soft drinks

  34. Dathan V Chablal says:

    I am from a small island in the carribean called Trinidad. We have so many coconut trees there, and fresh coconut water is the most awesome, refeshing drink on the planet. I live in Louisville KY, and it is impossible to find decent coconut water. I will really love to try PHENOM coconut water, and hopefully make it part of my regular diet. I have actually heard someone say it it really delicious, and almost taste like the real thing, I can’t wait. Coconut water is so go for you, Thanks for providing an alternative to the real thing.

  35. Denise says:

    I’m really interested in trying the Lemon Mojito kind of coconut water. I think that everyone can use more vitamins and electrolytes in their daily diet and this drink is an easy and tasty way to get them all.

  36. Carlos says:

    Who knew that conconut water could be soo good for you? I can’t wait to try them all.

  37. tammie says:

    My son and I would love to try the coconut. We attempt to drink coconut milk, but this time of year two of the last three coconuts we purchased were rotten!!! Nice to know this problem is solved with coconut water.

  38. Missy says:

    Your product is very interesting. I don’t care for sada & have a hard time with fruit juice & tea which doesn’t leave many options for me…..can’t wait to try!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Adriana says:

    All I drink is coconut water, I can’t wait to see what this tastes like I’ve prob tasted all the waters out there
    Yum yum s good for u and great tasting

  40. Vicki Wascher says:

    I would love to try your product. Since going zip-lining in Jamaica where they cut open the young coconut and gave us the coconut water. I have tried to find some. Would love to try your brand. The all natural part is what I love. Thank you for this opportunity if you choose me.

  41. Susan says:

    I am interested to try this as I have CFS (Chronic fatigue syndrome) and often have issues being out in the heat. This might be something that would help with that.

  42. Sandy Kriley says:

    I have never heard of Coconut water. Sounds mighty yummy. Thank you for making me aware of such a water. Can’t wait to taste it!

  43. Stacey says:

    Sounds delicious, would love to try it.

  44. Kyle says:

    Interesting drink. I’d like to try it.

  45. Tina Kosicek says:

    This is really a nice drink to use when you need to rehydrate yourself. Similar to a gatorade product. Can’t wait to try.

  46. Terry Kosicek says:

    I can’t wait to rehydrate myself with an easy electrolyte filled drink. Nice product to try!

  47. Ryan Kosicek says:

    When working out I can use this afterwards to rehydrate my body from the loss of electrolytes.

  48. Steven Kosicek says:

    What a wonderful drink to rehydrate myself after a workout at the gym.

  49. Stephanie Duboc says:

    Im a breastfeeding Mother and coconut water helps me keep my energy up

  50. Andrew Kosicek says:

    A great drink to enjoy after a much needed workout seession.

  51. Betsy K says:

    I am excited about Phenom after my tough workouts to recharge without adding a ton of calories.

  52. Teressa McClurg says:

    pineapple punch

  53. Cyndi says:

    This sounds like a much better energy drink.

  54. Peter says:

    I’m a big believer in potassium for proper muscle function, I consume at least 22 ounces a day of coconut water just for that reason. I play tennis everyday and it helps keep my body running smoothly.

  55. Derk says:

    Athletically geared coconut water, hope it taste better than some of the other brands out there

  56. Angela Rece says:

    This drink helps me rehydrate after a day of walking. It tastes very good and doesnt leave that after taste in your mouth like other energy drinks.

  57. kathy snyder says:

    i allways wanted to try it but never can find it,

  58. debra affrunti says:

    cant wait to try i love coconut

  59. Brett T says:

    Big fan of fresh coconut water, have not found any processed bottled that I like as much. Hopefully Phenom will be the missing link. If anyone is in/around NYC Bonobo’s makes fresh coconut water which is not like any other I have ever tried.

  60. Rama says:

    Tender coconut water is said to contain many health benefits. It is believed to cool the body and heal stomach infections in the most natural way. It not only promotes weight loss but also helps prevent heart burn that arise due to dieting. PHENOM Mega V pure natural coconut sounds good to me.

  61. Kim Grindle says:

    It is just plain good to drink

  62. Bryce says:

    I would love to try this for energy! Soundsa fantastic

  63. latanya says:

    Lemon Mojito

  64. Cooper Clark says:

    Sounds like a perfect way to re-hydrate with what the body needs!

  65. karol says:

    I like to try new products, I hope it is diabetic friendly

  66. Rita Doshi says:

    I grew up drinking coconut water in India and miss it so much. Would love to finally have it here in the US.

  67. Kate says:

    I’m interested in the V fortified. I’m curious if this is something for children as well as adults. We are a family of coconut lovers… but I don’t know if the natural coconut flavors would interest them. I’ll have to look into how this product is sweetened.

  68. Amanda says:

    Would love to try the hydro version. Sounds yummy.

  69. megamooo says:

    Love the stuff!

  70. Katharine Iacobucci says:

    Coconut water is absolutely refreshing. I love when I see it in the stores.

  71. Nancy Monteyro says:

    My husband grew up in the Philippines and swears by coconut water. He insist the benefits are keeping him youthful…he’s 45, but you would never know to look at him!! :-) Living in the Northeast, we don’t have many coconut trees, so I would love to give it a try!

  72. Jessica B. says:

    I’d love to try either the Mega V or the Engergy. I think I could really benefit from both of those.

  73. Susan says:

    Sounds like a great drink! Is it gluten free? My son who has autism may like this, but he is on a gluten free / casein free diet…wondering if he could drink it?!?

  74. Stephanie McGlothlin says:

    I would really like to try this! I think this is a great product!

  75. Meghan Matson says:

    I love coconut milk, I usually buy fresh young coconuts when I am in the city, but these would be a great replacement for when i can’t get fresh!!

  76. Nicole says:

    The Mega-V sounds like a great way to get those electrolytes. Perfect for working out.

  77. Stefanie Anderson says:

    I tried the Lemon Mojito and I was very disappointed in the taste, it was awful! I would be interested in trying the other flavors though because I love coconut water!

  78. Angela says:

    I always drink Coconut Milk, so I am sure this water is going to be fantastic. Considering the fact that it has no artificial sweetners, makes me already love it.

  79. april says:

    sounds very interesting.. I can’t wait to try it!

  80. jmartcougar says:

    love it I want some coconut water!

  81. Donnita Stamper says:

    I am very excited to try the Mega-V b/c I just started working out and am excited to try new things!!!!! I will let you know after I try it how it worked for me!!!!

  82. KP says:

    Wow! I love coconut water, its an excellent super re-hydrant. Can’t wait to try.

  83. Cassie says:

    I read about Phenom coconut water and it sounds great. Something i would love to try. I believe if it taste as good as it says this is for you I would love it.

  84. Dianna says:

    The PHENOM™ Antioxm, Blueberry POMME sounds wonderful. Would love to try it out!

  85. Jenny R says:

    PHENOM™ Mega V Sounds Awesome !!!!
    I love Coconut! I use it in my Hair everyday…

  86. Kyle says:

    These sound much more tempting than other hydration/sports drinks. The Lemon Mojito sounds awesome. Looks like they are all fat free which is another good thing. This sounds perfect for after the gym. Has anyone seen a side by side comparison of the ingredients of all the flavors? I looked at them individually and can see minor differences…i.e. additional Vitamin C. I would love a free sample to try!

  87. Alvin Koffman says:

    I have muscular dystrophy, it attacks the muscles and drains your energy. Are there any known benefits for that condition?

  88. Melinda says:

    Never tried coconut water, have been looking for a coupon for some time. Thanks

  89. Jennifer L says:

    Always wanted to try coconut water….have heard good things!

  90. Muthu says:

    Love the coconut water.

  91. Kris says:

    This product sounds wonderful. Very interested in trying it.

  92. N says:

    Sounds like a great drink… Hope it tastes good too without the lingering taste of additives

  93. cyianthyia says:

    I used to drink coconut water when I was a kid and loved it. I want to try it again!

  94. Heidi says:

    They all sound great, but I’d go with the Hydro. LOVE me some Coconut Water!!!

  95. kat larkin says:

    Like that they are fortified with vitamins and electrolytes , we can never get enough of these , can not wait to try the flavors, they all sound good !!

  96. bobbie says:

    this sounds great i would love to try this

  97. kathy says:

    I am excited to try Phenom. I have been reading about how beneficial Coconut water is, and cannot wait to try it.

  98. satya says:

    im really missing the pure,natural coconut water from our village…If it is handy much more comfortable to me …i would love to use it really

  99. JD says:

    It taste good

  100. Daisy says:

    Coconut water is delicious.

  101. Min l says:

    Amazing selection of coconut water! But how is this different from any other coconut water?

  102. Katie Phillips says:

    Mmmm this coconut water sounds delicious and like a healthy alternative to regular old tap water. All the flavors look so yummy will have a hard time deciding which one to try first!

  103. Amanda says:

    I think the pineapple punch sounds delicious. I think the waters sound great and I love all the vitamins in them.

  104. rui liu says:

    i like coco water

  105. amy liu says:

    lol I want to try first

  106. kim says:

    i would love to try this!

  107. Angela Clark says:

    Can’t wait to try the Energy Coconut!! This sounds like a delicious, healthy drink!

  108. michele says:

    I would love to try your product. I’m a Drill SGT for the US Army at Ft Jackson and drinking plain water gets boring, would love an alternate drink!

  109. e92335i says:

    I love how there are no preservatives, cholesterol or sugars. Just natural, healthy goodness!

  110. Miria Strzalkowski says:

    I was just turned on to coconut water. Hard to find great to know you can buy this at GNC. Can’t wait to try it.

  111. kemi says:

    I am very excited to try this its all the rave of the celebrities!

  112. Donna says:

    I would love to try this new product :) Thanks!

  113. angie kiser says:

    Cant wait to try this saw it on Ellen or some show a few mo ago…

  114. Vanni says:

    I tried pure coconut water when I visited Cambodia, and the taste didn’t bother me at all. Pure coconut water is actually naturally sweet, but not too much. I’d love to try Phenom Hydro. I love trying something new. This offer sounds great.

  115. Aswathy says:

    My favorite is the PHENOM™ Mega V as it sounds perfect for me

  116. Raju says:

    Mine is the Hydro which is pure coconut water

  117. amy shepherd says:

    My boyfriend is from the virgin islands & loves coconut water. Im thinking this would be an even better drink for him to try!

  118. Hollie says:

    The Phenom Engergy works great for me after just having a baby. It gives me energy and the nutrients I need

  119. Christine says:

    Sounds like a good product !!

  120. Tammie says:

    It’s great to be able to hydrate with something that has so many vitamins in it, I’d love to find some extra energy!

  121. Arshitha says:

    I love coconut water,Always buy fresh young coconuts.It is good for health

  122. Lisa says:

    Sounds ideal to me, look forward to trying the coconut water!

  123. rbac says:

    This has been very insightful. I didnt realize how healthy coconut water is! Does it have similar benefits to coconut oil?

  124. Erik says:

    I love coconut sounds delicious

  125. April says:

    Since it contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugars, it makes me interested to try out. Is it really pure natural coconut juice ? I wonder if there is artificial color in it.

  126. Tracy P. says:

    Pineapple Punch sounds delicious!!

  127. mpatel says:

    Coconut milk is healthy drink and has lots of Antioxidients.

  128. Bethany says:

    I have heard that coconut milk is used as IV fluid in some countries where medical saline is not available. This speaks to it’s amazing hydrating properties. I can’t wait to try the PHENOM Mega-V!

  129. Jennie says:

    I would like to try the Phenom Antiox. I like that it’s has loads of Vitamin C :)

  130. Tammy Wong says:

    The Acai Peach flavor of the Phenom Energy sounds very interesting. I have to get up early for school and having caffeine PLUS natural products would be a big boost for me (: I’ve also been hearing a lot of good things about acai berries so I’d really like to give that a try!

  131. Jessica says:

    I love coconut milk so Im very excited to be able to try this. They sound great and they are heathy for you! :)

  132. brittany says:

    I would love to try it. I am looking for something that would boost my energy levels!!!

  133. Vicky says:

    I found the free deal at posted http://idigdeal.com and would like know try out this new drink. It seems tropically refreshing after a sweaty workout.

  134. Theresa says:

    Sounds very interesting. I must do more research to learn of the benefits. I have always loved cocomut as a food and as a scent…maybe for a real reason.

  135. Nichole Gauthier says:

    I can definatly use my 3 pm pick me up! I didn’t know that they had energy coconut water! I would really like to try that! Sounds kinda good, plus the anitoxidants to boot!

    Does it taste good?? I have had coconut juice straight from the coconut and I didn’t care for it much. I would like to see how yours tastes.

  136. Pat says:

    I love to try new things! This would be a perfect thing to try for my workout!!!

  137. Blake says:

    Coconut Milk Is awesome!!! I can’t wait to try your brand of it.

  138. chamin says:

    All the products seems delicious and tempting. Would definitely go try as they don’t seem to have after-taste, and would be great to have in other stores too.

  139. Amanda Purnell says:

    I love Coconut water…If I find something that is awesome I will drive accross town just to have it…I love the way it keeps me hydrated durning my games.

  140. Sandra Treadway says:

    I hate Coconut and did not try this forever. I REALLY wish I had tried it sooner. It not only tastes great but makes you Feel great!! So even if you do not like coconut~PLEASE give it a try!!

  141. Kyoko says:

    I have never heard of Coconut water. I would love to try one.

  142. Lana Burske says:

    Coconut water is the new water for energy and nutrients! I love it!

  143. LULU says:

    Sounds delicious, I love anything coconut, can’t wait to try it!

  144. Emily says:

    Looking forward to trying some!!!!!

  145. Cathe Butler says:

    Has anyone tried this, if so does it taste great? I’ve need searching high and low for a water that has great taste instead of bland.

  146. frogluver74 says:

    The energy is something I am interested in. Normally at the end part of my work shift, I start to lag. Wonder if this will help give me that boost to kick that and still have energy when I get home to my 6 month old

  147. Linda F says:

    I like the fact that these coconut waters are low in calories and contain no added sugars. I would love to try the Pineapple Punch Mega V.

  148. Kellin says:

    I love coconut water, and am so please to see a new product that uses it
    I will be watching for it on my local super market shelf.

  149. melynda says:

    I know u said there were vitamins in this, well what about proteins> I need lots of protein and am always looking for a new way to get proteins in me. thanks i hope it has some protein in it because it sounds very yummy. even if no protein everyone needs water and i cant wait to taste it plus GNC is my store thanks

  150. Len says:

    I also drive across town or have coconut water shipped to me. Wouldn’t it be great to see coconut water at a convenience store or gas station instead of all the soda?

  151. Cam says:

    Mmmm… so many good choices and flavors… If I can sample, I would choose to try one of each to make my choice easier. It is hard to choose the ONE best coconut water, but I would choose Phenom Energy: Acai Peach.

  152. dmjlittrell says:

    I have severe sleep apnea and wake up tired and feeling sluggish all day. This sounds like the product for me, natural, no additives, and sugarfree (I am diabetic). Would like to give this a try.

  153. Mona L. says:

    Coconut water is a great drink!

  154. cindy larson says:

    I can’t wait to try this. I herd it is great and very good for your body and your skin.

  155. ichi says:

    i love this water , it really cools human body. i would love to have coconut water with electrolytes.

  156. Mary says:

    I also read that it helps to stave off Alzheimer’s

  157. kris says:

    the mega v would be more healthy, cant wait to try this..

  158. Deb says:

    cocunut water great stuff!

  159. Eileen says:

    I love anything that has coconut! Especially water! I’d preferred coconut drinks over everything else.

  160. Arleen says:

    Awesome! Love Coconut flavor! It’s also good for your health and has very little calories, what more can we ask for?

  161. sheryl n says:

    I haven’t tried coconut water but would really like to. Looking forward to the sample. :)

  162. Chanell says:

    I think I’m trying the Hydro, doesn’t look like there are any sweeteners add. Sounds like a great product!

  163. jennifer says:

    i love coconut!

  164. Daniel Lew says:

    My favorite Coconut Water would be the Phenom Energy. Usually I would drink a can of soda or energy drink before a workout. However, I figured out that drinking a surgery drinks and energy drinks is an unhealthy way to get energy. After years of drinking surgery drinks I gained weight. So I searched for a healthier way to gain energy without the excess sugar. After switching over to coconut energy drinks I am able to replenish my body with electrolytes and get the pick me up without the sugar. This is a drink I would highly recommend before or after a strenuous workout at the gym.

  165. Alisha says:

    I look forward to trying this!

  166. Daniel Tomosawa says:

    I have been drinking coconut water for over a year now; love the refreshing taste and how it hydrates me after working out! However, I’m not sure which brand is the best for you, since there are many different brands and different flavors! Haven’t seen PHENOM yet; but it sounds like I might have found the BEST coconut water!!!

  167. Carla says:

    I would like to try all of them, but I think I would start with the Antiox. I’ve heard of coconut water and it’s health benefits but I’m wondering how they taste.

  168. Lisa Marie says:

    Coconut water in any flavor makes a nice replacement for soymilk in a smoothie. I may try the energy in my smoothie on those mornings I just can’t seem to get up and go!

  169. Jim S says:

    Looking for something new to use for rehydration.This sounds like it might be the answer

  170. tracie accinno says:

    I never thought about coconut water until I read some articles on it. I cant wait to try since I drink about 5 to6 bottles of regular water every day.

  171. mandy says:

    Coconut water is a light refreshing drink. it tastes alot better than drinking regular water.

  172. Mike says:

    Have tried ‘other’ coconut water, but was not a fan of the flavor… almost like wax water. So seeing a description like ‘aren’t intimidated by the natural coconut flavor’ makes me a little apprehensive. BUT would still love to give it a try!

  173. cristal says:

    My mom is from Puerto Rico and they use coconut for everything including hair. I grew up on frozen coconut milk treats made from fresh coconuts delicious

  174. April says:

    This sound delish and nutrish….can’t wait to try it.

  175. Paul says:

    Taste great & very refreshly .

  176. Lori says:

    I drink alot of water. Would love to try the coconut water.

  177. luke b says:

    I love coconut water! I’m excited to try the flavored ones. It’s one of the few things that I drink that aren’t so bad for me.

  178. Ryan says:

    I’m super excited about the new coconut water craze. I wish it could come in cuter packaging? Maybe a real, easy to drink out of coconut. Better economically and environmentally.

  179. Jill says:

    I love that you have created this alternative hydrating drink that is light and not heavy and has so many benefits with everyone watching what they eat and drink. This is awesome.

  180. Jennifer says:

    I have started a new healthy outlook on my life and this is something I am eager to try this to add it to my day!

  181. davisk117 says:

    it hydrates without all the sucrose

  182. Lee-Ellen says:

    I am very interested in trying this!

  183. art says:

    I have been thinking of trying it out. Now’s the time

  184. jeanna says:

    love coconut water! energy sounds good!

  185. Alberta mendicino says:

    Looking forward to trying Phenom Coconut water. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugars, is low in calories, and contains zero cholesterol.

  186. Tanya says:

    They all look and sound really good!!! But for me the The Energy one looks teh best. I find myself needing that pick me up some days but I have always avoided most engery drinks because of the high sugar content. I will be trying this one for sure!!!

  187. Lori says:

    I love the fact that all the flavors are low in calories and carbs and have increased potassium. I personally like the healthful benefits and flavors of Mega V and Antiox - can’t wait to try one or both!

  188. Kim says:

    Mmm, sounds tasty! Can’t wait to try it!

  189. Barbara says:

    Can’t wait to try this… my sister has been telling me about this for months!

  190. butterfly says:

    it looks like a very interesting line of drinks i would like to try one

  191. Darlene says:

    I’ve heard so much about Coconut water and would love to try it!! It really sounds like a great drink!!

  192. Lauren says:

    Hydro and Energy sound delicious. Can’t want to try it!

  193. Shawn says:

    Since the introduction of sports drinks, I have never found anything that did not leave an artificial taste in mouth! I would have to settle for whatever was available. The amount of sugars in typical drinks is not good and the colors added stains everything. I started drinking coconut water, but it can be very expensive. Since I love the clean, refreshing taste, the natural electrolytes, and the health benefits, I needed something more. I am definitely going to try the PHENOM™ Hydro to see if it satisfy my thirst and needs when I exercise or play sports. Even if I’m on the golf course for 5 hours, why not enjoy a great tasting beverage instead? With so many flavors, PHENOM™ will never get boring like all the other sports drinks! Finally, someone is thinking outside the box!

  194. Mark says:

    Interesting. I had no idea I even had options. Good to know.

  195. Lonise says:

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about PHENOM Coconut Water. I’m really looking forward to trying this coconut water.

  196. John Serdenes says:

    I am definitely looking forward to trying the Hydro. I’m usually a Gatorade person when playing soccer, but I find that I still cramp up at times and it does not seem to help much. Hope that the potassium in the Hydro will do the trick. I’ve heard people talk about the benefits and flavor of coconut water, but I have yet to try it myself. As a coach, I’m hoping it gives me something to recommend to my players as well. I can’t wait to give it a try!!!

  197. Has says:

    This could be quite beneficial and a possible alternative to a Gatorade type energy drink.

  198. Tracy S says:

    This looks awesome. My daughter and I both love coconut water. I am glad to hear there is one with no additives. I have never heard of this brand before but willing to try it, from what I read.

  199. gilbert arroyo says:

    I am definitely excited to try Hydro, I have read that coconut water promotes weight loss, keeps your body hydrated , raisies your metabolisim and well that works for me. I recently had a hysterctomy at age 35 and have been sent into full menopause, this product seems to be able to give me additional nutrients I need. Can’t wait to try it.

  200. Lisa Eiff says:

    I would love to try this out! Sounds to me like PHENOM™ Mega V (pineapple punch) would work out best for me. I’m curious to find out the benefits of this coconut water, and this would be a much healthier than soda and give me an alternative to replace for my daily soda/tea intake.

  201. steven simon says:

    low in calories and no sugar added is just what i need

  202. Kyle says:

    I would love to try Phenom Energy. This sounds like a great alternative to coffiee, which I drink every morning. I do not drink as much water as I should everyday, so I would love to try a product that stimulates like coffee but is hydrating and healthy at the same time. The Acai Peach sounds delicious.

  203. Nichole DiLossi says:

    I am looking forward to trying the Hydro. Thanks for the chance. I will drink while I am at the gym.

  204. Ryan B says:

    Lemon mojito sound great :^P

  205. Kathy Jackson says:

    I am looking for healthy alternatives to sodas.

  206. Dori Yoder says:

    I have been buying gatoraide for my son for 6 years for football and football practice. I started reading more and more about the unnecassary suagrs and problems with it, so started with another drink and regular water. I am looking forward to a product that is NATURAL and easilly available to meet his body’s needs.

  207. mallory castille says:

    This looks good would love to try it getting on a diet next week and want to try healthy thing out

  208. Michelle says:

    I am looking forward to trying PHENOM Coconut Water and having my son try it. He is training for Cross Country and I believe it is a great alternative to sport drinks.

  209. Temre Potter says:

    I am an energy drink fanatic. Over the past few years I was only drinking No Fear energy drinks! Sometimes maxing out at 3-4 a day. I really liked the flavor of the No Fear Energy Drinks because it had a great tropical fruit taste without the tummy burning I get when I drink Red Bull or Rockstar. Realizing that this beverage choice wasn’t the best for me, I reduced my intake dramatically. Unfortunately No Fear has been discontinued and I have found myself looking for a replacement. I am eager to try PHENOM™ Energy. Has anyone tried it? What do you think is the best flavor?

  210. kar dutt says:

    Can’t wait to try this. I love coconut water. Great for recovery after a long run.

  211. James says:

    I have never heard of coconut water before. I would love to try it!

  212. Rizwana Malik says:

    Hydro and Mega V are the ones I would love to try. I bet Mega V would taste kind of like pina colada.

  213. Ashley fohng says:

    If drink the energy as a mid afternoon pick me up

  214. Susan Pipes says:

    Coconut and water are both so refreshing, they have to be great together. I can’t wait to try PHENOM Coconut Water

  215. susan Hancocks says:

    I was suprised how nutritional and pure coconut water is. Im looking forward to trying it!

  216. Lisa says:

    Would LOVE to try the Blueberry Pomme!
    Sounds delicious.
    Keep putting out great flavors.

  217. Deb Tino says:

    I know the benefits of Coconut Water, but it is hard to find. I am excited that I can get it at GNC. Thanks! I am looking forward to trying yours. Dr. Oz talks about the benefits of Coconut oil on his show.

  218. Shareasa Hobble says:


  219. Shareasa Hobble says:


  220. elaine says:

    i have recently started to walk 3 miles a day due to health reasons. plain water is boring and i am iterested in the benefits of electrolyte replacement and i love coconut so i would like to try because i sometimes do not drink

  221. Bob says:

    I can’t wait to try the product

  222. Rene says:

    Provides 100% of the daily required vit C. The Phenom Energy Coconut is for me!! I never knew there were so many choices.

  223. bobbie says:

    looking forward to giving coconut water a try, getting tired of plain water.

  224. Barbara Powell says:

    I just love coconut and I would love to try this water too. Thanks for giving everyone the chance for getting to try this,

  225. Phyllis says:

    My mom is 80 years old and drinks coconut water - loves it - I didn’t realize their were so many different types.

  226. Tammie says:

    I would love to try Hydro. I am very concious of what I am eating and drinking. I think drinking Hydro with the potassium will give me what I need. I love to eat bananas but they do not like me, this will be perfect.

  227. Michele says:

    Sounds great. I can’t wait to try it

  228. bev kennedy says:

    I like water so I would you send me some addrress is 153 sam pinkey st moncks corner,sc 29461 I’m disabled so I need it sent to my house. thank you,bev

  229. Rich A says:

    This will be a wonderful way to stay in tune naturally! I can’t wait to try this exciting product! PLEASE send me the coupon for this! Thanks!

  230. Bmautin says:

    I have read alot about this product. It am confident that this is a nutritous and delicious alternative water beverage. I look very forward to trying this product. If the taste is as good as I suspect, I will be a faithful consumer. Go ahead and give it a try. I will.

  231. gerri says:

    Looking forward to trying this out sounds like it will be very good

  232. bobbie craft says:

    Who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to try this water, it not only sounds great but i bet it tastes great to. I cant wait to try this product and i will let you all know my results. Gotta try everything at least once right??

  233. leanne peterson says:

    What a great idea. I can’t wait to try out the coconut flavor.

  234. Venessa says:

    I can’t get enought of coconut water. It is so refreshing. I can’t get enough

  235. Julie A. Behling says:

    I was looking at several of the articles about the benefits of the coconut water. I am thrilled to see that there aren’t any calories or artificial ingredients. Can’t wait to try this. I walk our dogs on our farm and this sounds like it would taste great. Plus,there are so many other flavor options that sound great too!

  236. donna agro says:

    i have been hearing alot about coconut water and would love to try

  237. Andrea Mann says:

    I am really interested in the hydro, especially if it doesn’t have any added sweeteners - I don’t like overly sweet drinks so I am wondering if it will be too sweet for me???!!!!

  238. PERI says:

    I am looking forward to trying this product. I need to eat and live healthier and Phenom will be a step in the right directon.

  239. Sherry says:

    I sure would love to try this. Dr Oz recommends GNC stores too!

  240. shil says:

    My daughter loved coconut water from our country. Now I’m excited to to try this for my daughter.

  241. Leonard says:

    Looking forward to trying Phenom Energy. Drank all kinds of energy drinks a couple years back, especially Monster. Since then been looking for a healthier alternative. Looks like it will be great!

  242. dfech says:

    Changing my nutritional diet for a new healthier living, I have chosen coconut water as my treat to rehydrate and reengergize. Place Phenom coconut water in refrigerator, serve over Ice and some mint leave for a refreshing drink.

    Also, use coconut water instead of milk with your gluten free cereal for a healthy start to your day.

  243. Rosa says:

    I love drinking coconut water. I’m dieing to try it to see if it’s as good as it states.

  244. Ashley says:

    Love that it has electrolytes. I’ve never been a fan of gatorade so this is a great way to get them alternatively

  245. Kellie says:

    These sound great. Sound way better than other things that are out there.

  246. Glory says:

    I am Def Trying the Hydro =)

  247. Natasha says:

    I like to keep my diet very natural and, I think this might be great to rehydrate post work out. im very curious.

  248. winx says:

    I’ve heard good things about coconut water. Going to give Phenom a try.

  249. Kathleen says:

    I have been dying to try coconut water! Sounds great

  250. RN says:

    Looks like a much more natural way to get your energy and vitamins during a work-out than chugging some neon-colored, artificially-flavored sports drink.

  251. Kathi Fetterman says:

    Coconut water is the purest of the pure. Its flavor is so fresh. It quiches your thirst with pleasure. Thank you for a great product!

  252. Leslie says:

    good choices! can’t wait to try the coconut flavor!

  253. Christyna M says:

    mmmmm I hope pineapple punch is delicious I can’t wait for this to come to our store!?!yummy!!

  254. Andy Chu says:

    I am very excited about this new product, I would love to try this healthy, low calorie drink!

  255. Dana Allard says:

    I’d be very interested in trying Phenom Mega v.
    … I like the benefits of Phenom Energy too, but I’m not a fan of the flavors.

  256. Denise Wilkerson says:

    I am excited to try Mega V because Passion Fruit and Guava are two of my favorite fruits. I pretty much like coconut water and coconut in any form or flavor. Coconut water is so refreshing; I don’t drink soda so I would grab a coconut water when I want to drink something with a little bit more to it than water and it is the perfect way to feel refreshed any time of year.

  257. Melissa Fish says:

    cant wait to try it i am having a gastric bypass and am limited in what i can drink

  258. Stella Jackson says:

    I am looking forward to trying this new product. In the past I have used plain coconut water without the extra added viatamins. I often drink it after I attend a Zumba workout which burns a lot of calories. Will be interesting how I will feel after I try the Phenom Mega-V. I usually tend to gravitate to more natural products this one seems like it would be perfect for me :)

  259. Ed says:

    wow, who knew that coconut water was so good for you
    great alternative to sports drinks

  260. Aimee says:

    As a college student the energy drinks could be a great alternative to sugary energy drinks for late night studying!

  261. dianna says:

    i love anything with coconut, so i am so looking forward to trying your PHENOM COCONUT WATER. plus i would love to try all of the other WATERS and or PRODUCTS that you have. THANK YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU.

  262. Mary says:

    I’ve been hearing alot about the benefits of coconut water and have been wanting to try it. The acai peach sounds good to me.

  263. Shannon says:

    This is the first time I have heard of this product and I have to say I am excited to try it. If I had to pick I would have to say I would try the Pineapple Punch first.

  264. stacey says:

    sounds nice. would like to try

  265. Bruce Clifton says:

    Since i work a very active overnight job, i often need a drink that can keep me both hydrated and energized. also being a diabetic means needing to watch the calories and esp. the sugars. so i’m interested in seeing how Phenom Energy may help fill that bill.

  266. Jenny Bradshaw says:

    Sounds great. Can’t wait to try it, especially after a long sweaty workout!!

  267. Shelly says:

    I love drinking water & love coconut, this is the first Ive heard about this and would love to try it.

  268. Einya says:

    I am looking forward to trying your coconut water.. I just started exercising I want something that tastes good and that’s good for me also give myself daughter something healthy to drink after cheer practice

  269. Roxanne says:

    Have heard alot about Coconut water, cannot wait to try it !! =)

  270. lane says:

    I had no idea that coconut water could do all the things ive read. Acai Peach sounds pretty tasty. Id love to try it!!

  271. ramona rao says:

    I would love to try the phenom antiox or megaV. Thanks !

  272. ramona rao says:

    I would love to try the phenom antiox or mega v. I hope it tastes natural. :)

  273. lara rao says:

    There are a lot of coconut water products on the market none of which appeal to me yet. Here is hoping this one is a keeper!

  274. Marichris says:

    I knew that coconut water has more potassium than a whole banana! All the other benefits that I’m reading, I’ve never heard before. Now I can’t wait to try it!

  275. laura nagarajan says:

    I have started training with a running club and would love to see how this drink impacts my performance!

  276. skillington, christopher says:

    never knew the difference between coconut milk and coconut water; good to know

  277. Marcus says:

    It is great that someone has finally come up with a product with some flavor! I was born in the Caribbean (Barbados) and we drank from coconuts all the time. This stuff is the best water replacement for your body do to all the good stuff that is naturally in it! I will be trying this product out!

  278. rick gardner says:

    i spent a lot of time in the carribean when i was younger and loved the refreshing taste of coconut water. i’m interested to see how closely your product resembles the real thing.

  279. Christine says:

    Just tried the Phenom Mega V Pineapple Punch Coconut Water. I love it! If you are a fan of coconut, you will love this drink too!

  280. Theresa says:

    I never knew how good coconut water was for you!

  281. Charles Misfeldt says:

    I am very glad to hear that your coconut water is low in calories, look forward to trying it as I am looking for a nutritious and satisfying alternative to soda.

  282. patty sims says:

    I love how very refreshing coconut water is, I am excited to use this

  283. Dianne says:

    sounds really tasty!! Can’t wait to try it! Thanks

  284. Remi says:

    Phenom Hydro is delicious!

  285. Stephen P says:

    I happen to be allergic to bananas, and get cramps often after exercising due to potassium deficiency. Once I found out about coconut water’s high potassium content, I was hooked!

  286. Michelle says:

    very interesting. I can’t wait to try it!

  287. vm says:

    I cant wait to try out this coconut water. Never tried it before. Really appreciate you guys doing that so others may try and then purchase. Would you have stores in FL. that carries this? Would you have different flavors like mango? etc. and how about recipes and coupons :)

  288. samantha says:

    i work with children and im always on my feet, so finding an energy drink that can keep me feeling refreshed and hydrated is more than amazing

  289. G says:

    Lemon Mojito would probably be delish! definitely want to try that one.

  290. kim says:

    I am always anxious to try new flavored water, and this one is not only good, but good for you

  291. Cynthia Heber says:

    Wow, I love coconut. Good to learn that has positive health properties. Would like to try your product.

  292. viji says:

    I love plain coconut water. I think coconut water doesnt need any flavors to enhance the taste

  293. LORI FELKER says:


  294. Nicole says:

    I’m amazed that coconut water has all these healthful and beneficial qualities. I grew up drinking and eating coconuts straight from a tree in our backyard and always thought the water was the most refreshing part of the fruit! Having moved to the US a number of years back, i definitely miss that authentic coconut flavor and can’t wait to try out this product and see how it compares to what i drank as a kid. Kudos to your company for promoting the healthy benefits of this delicious fruit to the rest of the world!

  295. elaine says:

    I love coconuts and buy ‘em all the time and for the first time in my life i get to try free coconut water..how amazing is that. Can’t wait to try it and GNC is only cpl miles away from my house too..Lemon Mojito sounds great !!!

  296. Ashley says:

    All of the Mega V flavors sound great! I have to agree with Rizwana Malik who commented back on the 30th who said that the pineapple punch probably tastes like pina colada. But I think I would try just the plain old coconut water flavor since I haven’t tried it before.

  297. Nikki says:

    Sounds really good and a much healthier and more natural energy drink. Can’t wait to try it!

  298. Kristin says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of this product and it looks wonderful! Having hypoglycemia, I’m always on the look out for natural, sugar-free hydration drinks. Being an avid runner, replenishing and hydrating are high on my priority list. However, because most sports drinks are made with vast amounts of sugar, I find it hard to find a good post-workout sports drink that will refuel my electrolites. This product may be a winner for me!!

  299. Becky says:

    They all sound delicious, but nothing beats the taste of pure coconuts. I fell in love with fresh coconut water while vacationing in mexico, and am so excited to see it becoming so popular. plus it is so healthy - can’t wait to try this brand.

  300. Emily says:

    Coconut water has really been popping up everywhere, I like that these have added electrolytes, I’m excited to try it!

  301. Natalie says:

    I LOVE coconut water - on the days I teach Zumba I always drink it so my legs stay nice and hydrated!

  302. Daniel says:

    My wife likes coconut water, but I haven’t tried it yet. I think it’s cool that it’s all natural.

  303. Natalie Anne says:

    Awesome - I cannot wait to try a new coconut water! I think they all sound great, but I would love to try the lemon mojito and orange guava!

  304. Jeffrey says:

    I think PHENOM™ Antiox sounds awesomely delicious and it’s packed with vitamins and great health benefits.

  305. donna hetzler says:

    love coconut would like to try

  306. mindi newman says:

    I just learned about coconut water and how good it is for you. So many choices to try. Can’t wait

  307. mindi newman says:

    Didn’t realize all the benefits that coconut water has. So many flavors. Looking forward to trying it out for myself

  308. Grace says:

    Love coconut water to rehydrate, and I can’t wait to try these flavors

  309. E Bellamy says:


  310. Nicole says:

    this is so awesome

  311. VL says:

    Can’t wait to try Phenom, it sounds exciting, delicious and healthy!

  312. cynthia pryor says:

    would very much like to try coconut water i love coconut milk and thought that this would be a very interesting product for me

  313. Marcus says:

    Love the Pure, can’t wait to try Lemon Mojito, it’s gonna be good!

  314. mnem says:

    I have read many articles on the benefits of coconut water. Looking forward to trying some.

  315. Nikki says:

    The Acai Peach sounds very delcious to me. And so does the Pineapple Peach. After reading the contents and about the nutrional info. I am definitely going to try this product!!

  316. joey says:


  317. Marcus says:

    I tried the Lemon Mojito, really really good, just the right amount of caffeine in it too for my energy during workout, not overpowering!

  318. Rachel says:

    I would like to try the Hydro.

  319. Ashley says:

    The Peach and Acai does sound like a Vitamin C boost. I need a list like this when I pick out my shopping day soda at Whole Foods.

  320. Kevin says:

    I’m curious about the “Energy” line, hoping that it can help me with my desire to stop drinking coffee in the afternoons. Only trying it will tell for sure.

  321. angela p says:

    I like the mega v. Hydro sounds like something I would like to give my boys. Is there a certain age kids need to be to drink the hydro? I am assuming the hydro is safe since it is just natural coconut water.

  322. Janice says:

    Blueberry Pomme sounds so good - and good for you!

  323. Earl says:

    with two little kids and a full time job, the Lemon Mojito sounds like a good pick me up in the morning instead of coffee or tea

  324. Eileen says:

    bring on the caffine with Acai Peach!

  325. Gayl says:

    without my morning coffee it’s hard to get going. I wonder if the Acai Peach can do the trick (and taste good at the same time)?

  326. Anne E. Perry says:

    I would love to try the Pineapple Punch

  327. Liz says:

    Is there a particular one that’s better to drink after exercising vigorously and another that’s better for the everyday activities? I would like to know as that can affect which one I choose.

  328. Andrea says:

    I’m curious about to see if these will really make me feel more refreshed after a workout.

  329. Francesca says:

    After reading all the facts about Coconut water I can’t believe I haven’t been drinking it all these years! Coconut water should really be promoted more for the general public. It should be apart of the essentials: Milk, Bread, Eggs, and coconut water!

    I’d like to try the Acai Peach!

  330. Julie A. Behling says:

    I never get enough sleep so my mornings that I’m doing sit down work are really tough. I could really use Phenom Energy. It sounds like it would be helpful and Acai Peach flavor sounds like something I would really enjoy. Can’t believe that I’ve never heard about the benefits of drinking coconut water. I could sure use something that would help speed up my body’s metabolism - hitting the late 40′s has slowed it way down.

  331. Amy says:

    The Pure is my favorite way to go. It is a great post workout drink that really helps with the leg cramps!

  332. Michaela says:

    Hey, amazing product. I was wondering where you got your coconuts from (or the coconut parts used in the drinks)?

  333. adam says:

    going to pick some up right now

  334. Chad Catmull says:

    This product has the best taste by far when compared to other coconut waters.

  335. Sabrina Randall says:

    I think coconut water sounds awesome!! Can’t wait to get my sample!!!!

  336. Samara says:

    The Mega V sounds so good! Im excited to try them all though. :) YaY for healthy tasteful drinks!

  337. Kirstie Lynn says:

    After the gym a couple of days ago, my fiance bought a Hydro. I was on edge about it, he had me try it! So good!! I’ve quit drinking coffee as we get closer to our wedding and thinking I’m going to see what the energy one does for me in the AM’s! :)

  338. Vodin says:

    Well I have tried the milk in smoothies. I will give the water a try now. Hydro type seems to fit the need.

  339. Margaret McGinnis says:

    I have had the natural coconut phenom once after I had been at a local park for hiking and playing with my golden retriever. I was hot and tired afterwards and between the heat index and my health issues, my blood sugar had hit rock bottom. The phenom brought me back to life and I stopped throwing up. Even without trying the other types, I know this works.

    So now when ever I am going to be out in the world all day, I make sure to have a phenom handy. Whether I am busy with the dog or feeling the effects of my fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis: I know that the phenom will bring me back to myself. It’s just what I need.

  340. Marc G says:

    I like all the options,Im excited to try them all !!

  341. Cherri Forrester says:

    Phenom 100% natural cocunut water is great. I recommend to everyone regardless of age or whether you work out or not. Fill your body with all the vitamins Phenom has to offer for healthy living.

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