Why Bring a Coconut Water Drink to the Beach?

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For thousands of years, coconut water has been enjoyed by people in hot, tropical countries where coconuts grow naturally.

However, it’s more than just a great, refreshing taste that drives people to continually drink coconut water. Coconut water also contains super hydrating powers, so when you sweat, you can find relief, easily and deliciously with coconut water.

Read on to learn more about coconut water drinks.

  • What Happens When You Sweat?
  • Why is Proper Hydration Important?
  • How Can a Coconut Water Drink Help?

What Happens When You Sweat?
Each time you sweat, your body loses water and electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential nutrients that your body needs to maintain proper heart, nerve, muscle, and overall cellular function.

Without proper electrolyte levels, you allow yourself to become dehydrated. It’s pretty easy to prevent.

When you go to the beach on a hot day, remember to pack proper hydration. Even if you just plan on laying out and not doing much exercise on the beach, your body will still sweat and lose lots of vital nutrients. While water is always an excellent means of hydration, your body will also require essential electrolytes to properly rehydrate.

Electrolyte-enhanced water or, better yet, coconut water, can relieve dehydration by replacing and balancing your electrolyte levels, particularly potassium and sodium, which you will lose the most of.

Now that you know why you sweat and how dehydration occurs, read on to learn more about the necessity of proper hydration.

Why is Proper Hydration Important?
According the the USGS, about 60 percent of your body is water. In fact, every cell in your body requires water to properly function. When your cells lose more water than they take in, they become dehydrated. When your body remains dehydrated for a long amount of time, you become more prone to illnesses and health problems.

Some issues related to dehydration include:

  • Kidney dysfunction, which will cause toxins and waste to back-up in your body
  • Constipation
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Loss of coordination
  • Lack of energy
  • Inability to regulate body temperature
  • Inability to properly metabolize stored fat
  • Hunger, which may cause you to eat more
  • Dry skin
  • Acne

In severe instances, dehydration can also cause death.

That said, it’s important to remember to drink about 8-10 glasses of water per day, even if you’re not working out. While laying out on the beach, it will be further beneficial for you to consume even more water since you will likely be sweating more than the average person.

Read on to learn more about how coconut water drinks can help prevent and/or cure dehydration quickly.

How Can a Coconut Water Drink Help?
Though simple water may seem like the go-to drink for hydration, coconut water can actually provide more benefits to your body than plain water.

While coconut water provides your body with essential electrolytes like potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium, coconut water also contains other key nutrients.

These nutrients include:

Coconut water contains a high level of vitamin C and B vitamins. Vitamin C helps to boost immunity.

B vitamins help to boost metabolism, and keep your digestive tract moving properly.

Dietary Fiber
Coconut water also contains a healthy amount of dietary fiber. This fiber promotes your digestive tract and helps keep your digestion moving naturally and quickly through your body. This rapid digestion helps rid your body of harmful toxins.

In addition to its nutrient content, coconut water is also low in calories (just 46 per serving), fat-free and trans fat-free. Because coconut water is a naturally sweetened drink, you can also rest assured that you are not consuming harmful toxins like added, refined sugars, or preservatives.

Why do you bring a coconut water drink to the beach? Tell us below!

54 Responses to “Why Bring a Coconut Water Drink to the Beach?”

  1. Leanne rodriguez says:

    wow, i never knew there were so many benefits of coconut water. i thought pure water was always better than any other type of water, but now that i know all the benefits, im definitely going to buy coconut water next time i go grocery shopping

  2. Leanne rodriguez says:

    got cut off. and shopping for my supplements at GNC

  3. Jennifer Donovan says:

    I wonder does Phenom coconut water have to be refrigerated? I like the idea of having something that is naturally healthy and is good for your body, besides water.

  4. Alischia Taylor says:

    I wasn’t even aware of this product, but I have been trying to eat healthier and excercise more…this sounds like a great product, will definately try it!

  5. Lori says:

    A few years ago my elderly mother became severely dehydrated.She hates drinking water but loves to work in the yard even on hot summer days.We found out that Coconut water is great for keeping you hydrated so we got her some to drink when she works outside and she loves it! She is eighty-three now and she is still going strong :)

  6. Linda says:

    I’ve tried another brand of coconut water and liked it but would like to try Phenom with all the great additions of vitamins etc.

  7. Aida says:

    For me, coconut water is a great way to feel hydrated and do not get the bloat (when compared to drinking soda) at the beach. I lived in Brazil so when you go to the beaches it is very common to see people drinking fresh coconut water straight from the coconut. Nowadays, there is a growing market of coconut water in the market, so I am curious to see what Phenom tastes like.
    Overall, the most important is that people keep in mind that coconut water is not the same as the coconut juice-water based which has a lot of artificial ingredients plus sugar. Coconut water will be naturally/slight sweet so don’t expect that will be super sweet like a soda or other sports drinks.

  8. Teala says:

    this sounds heavenly!

  9. linda depeano says:

    I learned quite a bit about coconut water ,and i sure would love to try it!!

  10. holly oakes says:

    how awesome i cant wait to try out Coconut Water!!!!! and pass on your deals and web site !!!!!!

  11. tammy bouren says:

    I would love to try this i live in florida and i go to beach and its so hot out i still feel dehydrated alot even though i drink gatorade and water.

  12. Christy says:

    I lived in Palau, a tropical island nation, for a year and I definitely drank a lot of coconut water while I was there. And I think what this article says is true! When I would drink just regular water, I would get dehydrated (I think) or not feel as well as when I drank something of real substance, like coconut water. And the flavor is refreshing without being sickly sweet.

  13. Lisa Serr says:

    I did not realize all the benefits of coconut water either. For me, my first choice is always water because it does keep you hydrated and as was mentioned in the article, dehydration has a lot of physical factors. I drink it a lot because I hear it is good for your skin and helps reduce wrinkles. But, now that I know that coconut water does the same thing and more, because of all the vitamins and nutrional value, it will be included in my daily diet. I do know a lot of people that just have a really hard time drinking water and don’t get enough of it in their daily diets; so this is a very good alternative. I have never tried it before but I am looking forward to it!

  14. soham sharma says:

    its is good to know all the importance of coconut water. I grew up on one fact about coconut water that is” it helps to keep you cool in hot summer” and also it is very good for nursing mothers, never knew the logic behind these. thanks for the information.

  15. amanda says:

    Sounds so refreshing and such a great idea

  16. Esteban Villoria says:

    I was raised in the Philippines and now live in Venice, California. So I’m used to the warm weather and honestly have been spoiled by the beaches nearby. Now knowing all of the health benefits of coconut water, I’ll bring that instead of my water bottle next time.

  17. brandi a says:

    Coconut water is good for you, light and refreshing and never heavy. Best served very cold

  18. Valerie says:

    I have always heard when you eat something with fiber you also have to drink water to help your body proccess the fiber and get the most benefit from it. Water that already includes the fiber seems like a great idea especially when you are on the go. I can’t wait to try it out.

  19. bridget legnon says:

    I say bring coconut water to the beach so that when you taste it you can imagine that your on an exotic island sipping on a pinacolada! Coconut always makes me think exotic. It could be because I live in texas and the most exotic we have here is moquitoes and humidity! I can not wait to try it, sounds delicious!

  20. Karen Cothren says:

    This is the first time I have heard of Phenom. I enjoyed learning about the nutritional and health benefits of the coconut water. It sounds like a wonderful product that will take the BLAH out of drinking water. I am very excited to try this unique flavor of water.

  21. JACK S says:

    Sounds Great & Hopefully the beach bunnies come by

  22. Dinesh K. says:

    I did know about the fiber content since I have had it multiple times, but didn’t know about B vitamins. Thanks for that info.

  23. Seenu Raj says:

    I grew up in the tropics and there are only a few things that rival coconut water on a hot day!

  24. judy delcastillo says:

    I never realized how many problems you can get from being dehydrated, I’ve just always thought it is the most common reason for a headache, it is hard to imagine that death is a real threat. All the countries where water is hard to come by makes it even more of a tradgedy.

  25. VRogers says:

    I heard some about coconut water a quite time ago and wanted to try the coconut water. Look forward to try it. TY.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Sounds refreshing!

  27. Angie S says:

    I did not realize that sodium was important to have in your water. I thought I had always heard you didn’t want the sodium that was in some fitness waters. I learned a lot in this article. I do not drink enough water and I could certainly see some of the issues with dehydration clearly related to me. I will drink more water and I will certainly try coconut water. Please consider me for the sample!

  28. Steve says:

    I haven’t read too much on Coconut water but I hear its great and beneficial . The thing I was wondering is does it have the laxative properties that coconut milk has?

  29. sarah rodriguez says:

    Wow. I always knew you should drink water over soda at the beach when its hot out but wasn’t exactly sure why. I will be trying coconut water for sure now. Aida I went to Ecuador several years ago and everyone was drinking out of the fresh coconut shells also not only healthy but fun to do. Lol I am so excited to try this stuff nowa!

  30. rebekah gerling says:

    Angie I agree with the dehydration thing, I don’t drink enough water and coconut water sounds like it could be my answer plus u get all the added vitamins! Loved all the information this article gave, I feel informed now!

  31. Rina says:

    There’s nothing better than having a refreshing drink with you while spending time at the beach tanning, swimming, playing volleyball, etc. You have to stay hydrated, and with natural coconut juice you just can’t go wrong! You’ll keep yourself going. =) Phenom has all the essentials to do just that and a great variety, definitely looks and sounds like it’s worth trying!

  32. Michelle says:

    I grew up drinking coconut water. So I know the hydration quality it contains. I also enjoy the taste. Finding that your product has added new flavors to the coconut water and antioxidants I am so excited to try all of them. Most important fact that you have done so without adding any refined sugars along with the flavors. I would love to start my taste test with a free sample please.

  33. cocoa says:

    Recently I was in a business meeting and heard about coconut water from a friend. It was the first time I had heard of this refreshing alternative to sports drinks. Since that time I have been a bit confused about what it is and where to get it. Thanks so much for such a informative web site.

  34. Jill says:

    Well it is a known fact the coconut water is very hydrating. It has wonderful flavors and it also good for you. If your tired of drinking plain old boring water than coconut water is the way to go. It will also make you look really cool drinking it at the beach. :) Everyone is going to be asking what are you drinking and a lot of people do not know the benefits of coconut water. I love it and I drink it all the time. I love the pineapple one. I really hope people take some time and read the facts about coconut water and try it to see how great it really is. It’s time for people to start making healthier choices. Instead of pop have a coconut water! Thanks for allowing me to comment on this page and thanks for coconut water!

  35. Melody says:

    Wow had no idea coconut water was so benificially for the body! Love going to the beach & working out in the garden in the summer! Can’t wait to try coconut water! Sounds delish!

  36. APRIL SUMMERS says:

    I really need to start to exercise so I’m sure that I would want Phenom Coconut Water to hydrate myself! It would be better for me than just regular water becasue of the electrolytes & vitamins! I have a GNC very close to my house & the park. What a perfect combination!

  37. Nicky Harris says:

    I’ve tried a couple of different coconut waters and they all seem to hydrate better than plain H2O. I really like using the coconut water after working out or working in the yard because it not only hydrates quickly, but it seems to give me a “second wind.” Coconut water is the best!!

  38. Kat Clingan says:

    Coconut water is has no added sugars and contain bunches of good nutrients. With the added energy it will be a nice drink for anytime of day, especially as a refreshing beach drink.

  39. Shannon Jones says:

    I never knew that many facts about Coconut water and how much it did for your body. I have never tried Coconut water but if i would have known this a long time ago i would have been drinking it since day one at the beach. I will defintaly have to find this in a store near me since i am at the beach all weekend!

  40. cris rodriguez says:

    cold coconut water is my favorite beach cooler :) can’t wait to try this

  41. cris rodriguez says:

    cold coconut water is my favorite beach cooler :) can’t wait to try this. i’m from the philippines and often they served cooled coconut water fresh from the fruit. it’s great to rehydrate — especially if you have a hangover :) and it’s super yummy. ( if you ever get a chance, you should try the meat of a fresh young coconut while you are at it!)

  42. Glenda Newsome says:

    I am sure I would LOVE this product.I am a coconut lover.And it would be so great to take this along to the beach.Also to drink on a daily bases.

  43. Kay Newsome says:

    This sounds great tasting and refreshing to take to the beach.

  44. Tyler Newsome says:

    Great energy boost for beach time.

  45. Lanna J. says:

    I’ve never tried coconut water but it sounds refreshing especially for a beach trip! My grandmother loves to substitute coconut water for regular water in a lot of the dishes she cooks because of its added benefits.

  46. Coconut Water Gal says:

    I lived in the caribbean for 2 years and fresh coconut water was the best in the water! It’s low in calories and high in nutrients and super refreshing! I can’t get fresh coconut water in the US so I’ve been looking for a replacement. It gets a bad rep for being fatty and high calories since it sounds similar to coconut MILK but that is not the case. Why is there such a difference between the water and milk of a coconut?

  47. Lola says:

    I love how hydrated I feel when I drink coconut water! I can’t wait to try Phenomwater!

  48. crystal pinson says:

    I’m going on vacation next week and going to take some with me to stay hydrated.

  49. cathy says:

    Would really like to try didn’t know you could get so much from coconut!!! I am sure me , my husband and kids would love it!!!

  50. Dan Boothe says:

    I have always heard that coconut milk (water as you all call it) is very good for you! You guys have taken that to a whole new level…can’t wait to try it!

  51. Michele Hollis says:

    I love coconut and like water pretty good but there’s just no flavor in water. So I think coconut water will give me that good taste that I’m wanting and the extra vitamin benefits as well. I know I don’t drink enough of any liquid because I’m not a big drinker and I tend to have some health issues from doing that. I will definitely try coconut water and replace my sodas at the beach with it.

  52. EC says:

    I would have never guessed that coconut water had fiber. What an easy way to get fiber in your day instead of packing your gut full of fiber bars and other unpalatable things!

  53. Katie F says:

    I like the idea of this when I am cutting the yard in the summer, I usually drink water but then feel totally wiped out afterwards between sweating and being hot. I am looking forward to trying this inseatd of just the water.

  54. jean says:


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